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Vinh Moc Tunnels - Phong Nha Caves
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Vinh Moc Tunnels - Phong Nha Caves
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Located on the northern side of the DMZ along the coast of the South China Sea, the villagers of Vinh Moc found themsselves tragically positioned in one of the most heavily bombed areas of North Vietnam. 

In order to escape this bombardment, the villagers constructed approximately 2.8 km of underground tunnels which they used as a refuge to survive the bombings.  The tunnels were built in three levels (12, 15 and 23 meters deep) and took thirteen months to complete.  Three hundred people lived intermittently in the tunnels during 1966 to 1971.  Sixty-two families made the tunnels their home and amazingly seventeen babies were born here and spent the first years of their lives underground.   

Besides the grotto and cave systems, Phong Nha has the longest underground rivers, the largest caverns and passageways, the widest and prettiest sand banks, and the most astonishing rock formations in the world. Phong Nha translates as " The wind's fang". Entering this cave is like venturing into the mouth of a giant beast. The main cave system contains 14 chambers, linked by an underwater river that runs for 1.5km. Secondary corridors branch off in all directions. The Outer Cave and some of the Inner Caves have roofs that tower between 25 and 40 meters above the water level.

- Length of the trip  
: 1 days

- Trip Starts from  
: Hue city

- Trip Ends in 
: Hue city

- Required booking time
: 15 hours for individuals and 5 days for group in advance

- Rates per person 
: 146$ - detail price

- Rates are valid from 1 Janualy 2008

Details of Tour:

Day 1: Hue - Vinh Moc Tunnels - Dong Hoi (Lunch,Dinner)
This morning we drive out of Hue. En route to the tunnels at Vinh Moc we stop at Quang Tri. This town was once an important citadel city but was heavily damaged in 1972 during a spring offensive. Still, some of the original ramparts and gates remain. From here we proceed to Vinh Moc and the amazing 2.8kms of tunnels. Unlike their counterparts in Cu Chi in Southern Vietnam, the Vinh Moc tunnels remain unaltered and therefore offer an authentic view of underground life. We enter the tunnels and explore the subterranean passageways. Later we drive to Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park for the night. Overnight at local Guest house. 

Day 2: Dong Hoi - Phong Nha National Park - Hue (Breakfast, Lunch)
We take a boat trip to the famed caves at Phong Nha. The park has some beautiful limestone formations, grottoes and caves and forest. The park also contains the largest primeval forest in Vietnam and the biggest limestone mountain range on the planet. The most impressive cave - Phong Nha cave is probably the most beautiful with many fascinating rock formations with imaginative names such as The Lion, Fairy Caves, Royal Court and Buddha. Phong Nha also boasts underground rivers, large caverns and passageways and broad pristine sandbanks. Following our exploration of the caves we return to Dong Hoi for lunch before driving back to Hue

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