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My Son - Holly Land - World Cultural Heritage
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 My Son - Holly Land - World Cultural Heritage
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Located 60 km. from Danang, My Son is considered to be one of the best-preserved Cham centers in Vietnam. My Son is the former capital of the ancient Cham civilization that ruled Central Vietnam from the second to the thirteenth century.

Their religion was primarily derived from Indian Hinduism, although, like Angkor Wat, the tower structures are dedicated to the former divine Cham monarchs themselves. The complex is comprised of seventy Hindu-like towers and temples dating from the seventh century. This site is a must-see for those people who are interested in architecture and ancient civilizations and is now one of five World Heritage-listed sites in Vietnam...

- Length of the trip  
: 1 days

- Trip Starts from  
: Hoian Ancient Town

- Trip Ends in 
: Hoian Ancient Town

- Required booking time
: 15 hours for individuals and 5 days for group in advance

- Rates per person 
: 16$ - detail price

- Rates are valid from 1 Janualy 2008

Details of Tour:
Our trip start at 08 00 am, we drive for 1 1/2  hour to My son. Here we are guided around the temples to learn about the Cham culture and architecture. Tour finish around noon time.

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